We've gone a bit scattershot in our postings recently. Posts are more likely to generate response and discussion if they are in the proper drawers and threads. Before starting a new thread please check if your post expands on a topic already under discussion. There are threads for all of the movies as well as TOFOG and the Rabbitohs. Some of these threads may be (probably are) a page or more back. It's okay to resurrect them. Who knows? You may find even more points to discuss.

You may certainly start a new thread for a topic not already under discussion. We just ask that you check first.

The "Nattering On" thread is for brief off-topic discussion. If your post does not relate to Russell, please post in this thread or in the
Interest in Other Things, Current Events, etc. forums. The board has forums and threads covering many interests. Explore and contribute wherever the wind blows you.

I'd like to point out, also, that we have a fairly extensive "Read Only" library forum. Threads cover reviews, interviews, and articles. Please feel free to contribute relevant posts. We ask only that you don't make comments of your own on these threads.

This post expands on Crowe Crossing's Mission and Policy Statement.

Administrators and moderators can, and will, move off-topic posts. We just prefer not to have to do that.

Thanks for reading. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Wade's voice sounds like far-off thunder wrapped in velvet.

In my heart, I belong to the Correctness Party, the party of good spellers, of people who pay attention to details. ~ Garrison Keillor, Salon, March 26, 2008