Ro's countdown to the opening of Le Miserables got me started remembering a bit of my past. I was starting to sing the countdown - " 22 days until we get to heeeaaaven...

It took me a bit to remember where that came from.

There was a delightful stage musical that got started in my home state, Texas, before it made it to Broadway. I am afraid that the film version, unlike Les Miserables, did not live up to the play, but this one scene caught the spirit of the play pretty well, and this scene is where my own little countdown ditty came from.

One of the reasons I remember it is that my older daughter - a theater student - played the role of Linda Lou in her school's performance. (Linda Lou lost most of her songs and lines to Dolly Parton in the film - one of the reasons it was not as delightful as the play, but, as I said - this scene stands up just fine - no pun intended.)

My daughter was also in charge of costume design for the production, and this scene was giving her fits until she decided to have the boys wear below-the-knee white jeans as their football uniform pants, and just pull up their cowboy boots over them for the rest of the scene. (Look and you will see how it worked)

Maybe we are not quite so eager to see Mr. Crowe as Inspector Javert as these boys were to reach their destination, but I sometimes wonder if we don't come close.

BTW, the Chicken Ranch was a real place, and my ex and my brother (from their bachelor days) could both attest to its popularity during the 50's and 60's, before it was shut down by a Houston newscaster - a true story.

The play and film were called, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, BTW.

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