Hey everyone...I got this link from the Perch and see a few familiar names :) Hope all is well :)

I'd been around the Perch and occasionally think visited here for about 4+ yrs with my RCO and it's been gone for quite some time. I still love the man, love his music and will no doubt trek to FL if the concert(s) are a go but I no longer pang for him, ya know?

So anyone interested in purchasing a multitude of VHS tapes of just about everything, pls email me. I know I would've been extremely grateful had this been available when I was starting the RCO thing.

Didn't think it would ever happen again but I have just recently gone over the top with James McAvoy (Last King of Scotland) for some reason. He is a brillant actor and just at the start of his "big" career I think. Any McAvoy fans feel free to email me as I need friends like I had with the RCO. I cherish the memories and still correspond with a couple of my RC pals from way back on occasion.

Have Russelling