Boy, Charlie sure has grown and changed!

Religious symbol around neck




Catherine, Thane of Thighs; Knight of Knees; Baroness of Biceps; Shahrina of Shoulders; Suzeraine of the Sweetest Smile Ever Seen; Bantiarna of the Byronian Waves; Princess of the Pensive Pause; Champion of the Chained Champions; Lady Honourable Philtrette; member of the K&R Gang, Peeled Kiwi Union, the Fallow-ship of Crowe: Biebe's Babes Posse, and CHERISH - Cuddle His Every Russelly Inch Special Helpers; co-founder of the Crazed for Cort Corterie; Cortesan to the Cowboys (Cort), aka one of the Three Amigas; Siren of the Seafarer, and blissful member of ISHITFAIL.

If we stay together, we survive.